Research Papers

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Book chapters

  • Lara A., Gutiérrez AG, Donoso C, et al. Sucesión y Dinámica de Bosques Templados en Chile (2014). In: Bosques Templados de Chile y Argentina. Editorial Universidad Austral, Valdivia. 323-411 pp.
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Alvaro G. Gutierrez


Departamento de Ciencias Ambientales y Recursos Naturales Renovables,
Universidad de Chile Twitter: @BosqueCiencia

Alvaro G. Gutierrez

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My work focuses on the dynamics and conservation of forests, with focus on documenting and anticipating the impacts of global change. I use a combination of approaches to explore how local interactions of trees with their environment, scale up to patterns of forest structure and distribution of tree species. My fieldwork has focused in temperate rainforests of southern South America.


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